Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.


Activities to Realize Our Mission

  1. By accumulating the “talent” and “wisdom” from the world, we first identify and set the societal issues to be solved and then attempt to estimate their potential impact.
  2. We will establish an ecosystem for generating innovation by utilizing prominent ideas and technologies from home and abroad.
  3. We will create new businesses that contribute to resolve societal issues through co- creation and implementation in society.

Innovation is not something that occurs one day by chance. At the Innovation Network for Co-creating the Future (INCF), we define innovation to be a process or organizational activity that uses innovative technologies to resolve or reform societal issues.

Issues and Activities

At present, we set six societal issues to resolve: "Wellness", "Water & Food", "Energy & Environment", "Mobility",
"Disaster Prevention" and "Education & Human Resources".

Identify and set issues

Listings of societal issues

INCF will regularly update to improve the “Resolving Societal Issues Through Innovation --- Listings of Societal Issues” to share societal issues of home and abroad including their possible impacts.

Seminar on societal issues

INCF will host “Seminars on societal issues” for its members to share and update information on the societal issues, their priority and possible solutions through innovation and business.

Accumulate possible solutions

Business Acceleration Program (BAP)

INCF will conduct a “Business Acceleration program” for entrepreneurs and researchers home and abroad. The winners will continue to receive support through follow up services including introduction to possible business partners under the frameworks of INCF activities. “INCF Membership Awards” which is specific award by participating companies in INCF will be set up in BAP.

Recruiting and accepting new Corporate Members B to extend INCF network.

Co-create business development

INCF Meetups and Business Matching events

BAP winners will be given opportunities to make presentations to Corporate Members A and B in search of business matching and co-creating business plan.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Members are invited to participate in SIGs where corporations, government and academia, along with entrepreneurs or start-ups have discussions to explore possible solutions or business ideas of common interest.

Working Groups (WGs)

WGs will discuss and design technical and business models in detail in order to materialize the business idea.

Experiment and validation

Proposed technology and business model will be tested and validated (proof of concept) through collaboration among members or through participation in national-or local government projects.

Business expansion and Implementation

Consultation support from starting up to expanding business

Members B start-ups are offered consultation service including introduction to INCF network entities home and abroad, financing, IPO, and M&A etc. for their business expansion.

Resolving issues through implementation in society

INCF will attempt to materialize resolution of societal issues through implementation of INCF originated business ideas.


INCF General Assembly / Interim Meeting

Activity reports for members, and listings of members on INCF materials

Notification service among members

Operation by Open Innovation

INCF is mainly operated under Member network. Members are categorized into three groups, i.e. “Corporate”, “Entrepreneur” and “Supporting” Members.
An advisory board of domestic and international experts is established, to guide and support the activities.
MRI as secretariat of INCF and playing the role of the hub of the Network, plans and supports communications and collaborations among members. MRI aims to perform the role of “catalyst” to create open innovation and ecosystems.

Corporate Members A. Companies (subject to annual dues)
B. Start-up companies (free)
Entrepreneur Members Individuals with aspiration for start-up

*Mainly applicants and winners of INCF Business Acceleration Program

Supporting Members Central government ministries/agencies Municipalities, Universities, Research Organizations


* Planned as of February 2019