Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.



INCF will soon be open for applications.

To become a member

  • We accept applications from any entity or individual that approves the goals of the INCF.
  • As a general rule, endorsement from an existing member is required upon application.
  • Following receipt of application, an inspection of qualification will be made prior to final approval for participation.


We ask for the following amounts as membership dues.
* New members are accepted at any time.



Corporate Member A

  • Knowledge on societal issues to be targeted
    -INCF will provide members with a view point to grasp societal issues with a view point of creating shared value (CSV) business, not as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity. -SDGs will be regarded as a part of business development.
  • Matching and co-creating with prospective entrepreneurs
    -INCF will collect the information about startup members (Corporate Members B) activities through their website etc. as well as provide it to corporate and supporting members on a monthly basis. -INCF provides members with opportunity for co-creation with startups with prominent ideas and technologies, at meet-ups, SIGs and WGs. -Members have access to MRI's network with governments, and knowledge in governmental policies and programs.
  • Opportunity to discuss and co-create business with large societal impacts
    -INCF employs design thinking methods to provide opportunities to discuss and design businesses to resolve societal issues of which impacts are sometimes too large to tackle by a single company, where business chance lies.
  • Place to rise to the common challenges in planning new business at corporates
    -Members are invited to seminars facilitated by INCF Advisory Board members. At the seminars we will clarify and discuss the solution to the common challenges that corporate personnel in charge of business planning faces. The seminars can be used as networking opportunities.

Start-up Companies

Corporate Member B

  • Discovery of new business domains that contribute to resolve societal issues
    -Participants will have more possibility to find new business domains to utilize their own technology, by recognizing potential markets from the viewpoint of societal issues with large impacts.
  • Co-creation opportunities with corporates and MRI
    -Through attending SIGs, WGs, and meet-ups, members will be provided with opportunities of discussion and co-creation with INCF Corporate A Members from various domains. -Members have access to MRI's network with governments and knowledge in governmental policies and programs.


Supporting Member

  • Opportunity to search for prominent startups as prospective co-creation partners
    -Members will receive opportunities to search for and access to startups with prominent ideas and technologies, who are candidate of co-creation partners to resolve regional issues, and promoting activity to vitalize the region.
  • Promoting sustainable regions through embedding business to the society
    -At business embedment into society to resolve societal issues, members have a chance to start building a sustainable region, while utilizing facilities owned by the local government, and human- and enterprise-resources in the region. The activity works as an advertising opportunity.


Supporting Member

  • Societal-issue-oriented alliance with industry and startups
    -Redefining intellectual properties owned by universities / research institutes with societal- issue-oriented viewpoint, INCF provides members with opportunity to commercialize the properties by building alliance with corporations and startups who share the same view.
  • Clue on R&D strategy for materializing sustainable society
    -By breaking down to recognize societal issues with large impacts that may lead new business, members will receive clues useful in setting research themes, allocating resources (manpower and finance), and building R&D strategies.