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Takashi Morisaki
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PresidentTakashi Morisaki

In the 20th century, thanks to industrialization and economic growth, we were able to enjoy an affluent society and a long lifespan. Now, many developed countries are transitioning in a variety of ways from growth to a state of saturation, and confronting a range of problems, such as global warming and declining birthrates. On the other hand, for developing countries, the problem is to eradicate poverty and realize growth and an affluent society while the population explosion is still continuing. This has come to be understood as a problem for all mankind.

In the 21st century, the theme for humankind, in addition to the mere "quantity" of growth, is to maintain a clean global environment and at the same time to realize improvement in "quality" which holds various elements (i.e. Quality-of-Life). The problems are diversifying and becoming complex, but so too are epoch-making innovations continuing in the technologies which generate solutions to those problems. It is my belief that the key to resolve these issues of this century is through "innovation" of creating social and business models that do not rely on limited resources such as materials, money and energy. This can be achieved by not just relying on individual technologies but also by integrating those elements.

Based on this belief, the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. has inaugurated the "Innovation Network for Co-Creating the Future" (INCF) as a platform where industry, academia, government, and citizens can link up and coordinate to optimize their wisdom and knowledge. Its goal is to integrate the collective wisdom and diverse advanced technologies generated from open innovation, and co-create a sustainable affluent society in both quality and quantity. We would like to ask for your kind support and active participation.

January 2018

Mission of INCF

INCF is a platform for collaboration among industry, academia, government and citizens to accumulate and optimize interdisciplinary knowledge and wisdom. Through that approach, INCF aims to cope with serious societal issues home and abroad and contribute to create an affluent and sustainable society by designing and materializing innovative solutions and business models.

  1. Contribute to seeking solution, through viable business model, for large-impact societal issues.
  2. Revitalize Japanese economy and change its industrial structure in line with the technical trend through collaboration among industry/academia/government.
  3. Support start-up and activity, and create "innovation ecosystems" in Japan.

Image of the Future Society INCF is Aiming for